Free Radio Me


 Free Radio Me is a grassroots, no-profit, media and technology project.

  FCC Part 15 allows unlicensed low-power broadcasting on the AM and FM bands. While these low power transmitters have a very limited range, we have found that it is also a useful range. We are progressives. Over the vast expanse of the North American continent, the AM and FM radio bands have been taken over by large, conservative media corporations and religious organizations.

OUR MISSION: Transmit progressive content from our homes, vehicles and persons, always. We will transmit legally on open channels. We will transmit wherever we go, whatever we do.

We will review small, inexpensive, low power transmitters and make recommendations as to their best use. Most of our reviewed configurations include an FM transmitter and MP3 player for between $20 and $50. We do not sell gear, but we will tell you what works best and where you may purchase it. We will accept original, open-source content for re-broadcast. We will accept copyrighted content, as long as it is submitted by the copyright holder with prior verbal and written  authorization.

While we are progressives and liberals, we will freely share technical information with conservatives, or anyone else wishing to break the corporate stranglehold on radio broadcasting. We welcome anyone onto the level playing field of legal, low power broadcasting. We feel there is room for everyone.

If you wish to help, comment, or provide or authorize content, please email

AND CHECK BACK OFTEN! This site will change regularly.